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Gripping thrillers based on the real-life experiences of a former French intelligence operative and fighter pilot.

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Alec de Payns is an operative in the secretive Y Division of the DGSE, France’s famed foreign intelligence service. He’s the agent at the sharp end of clandestine missions, responsible for eliminating terror threats and disrupting illegal nuclear and biological weapons programs.

the author

Jack Beaumont is the pseudonym of a former operative in the clandestine operations branch of the French foreign secret service, the DGSE. He joined ‘The Company’ after being an air force fighter pilot and later flying special operations and intelligence missions. Beaumont’s background gives The Frenchman a level of authenticity that few other spy thrillers have been able to achieve.


the books

“The Frenchman is one of the finest examples of the spy genre in recent memory. Suspenseful, masterfully plotted, and completely riveting. But what truly sets it apart from others in the field is its matchless authenticity, and the book’s keen interest in its characters and the human cost of the worlds they inhabit.”

— “Nic Pizzolatto, author of Galveston and creator and writer of HBO’s True Detective”

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